Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Pouyan?

Pouyan is a Persian given name, literally meaning "dynamic" or "seeker".

Pronunciation: /ˈpuːjɑn/
Other spelling variants: Pooyan, Puyan
Transliteration: پویان (Pes), Пуян (Tgk)

What do 74 and 01001010 mean?

Both 7410 and 10010102 are the ASCII values of 'J' (which is the initial of my surname – Jaberi).

char bin oct dec hex
P 01010000 120 80 50
J 01001010 112 74 4A

Why is everything dark on this website?

“If you only knew the power of the Dark Side.”
— Darth Vader
“Bravo Six, going dark.”
— Cpt. Price

Because black is my favorite color.

Why the website is designed like this?

To be honest, I barely know anything about UI design and front-end development since these are not my fields of expertise. My job is on the server-side.

“We work in the dark to serve the light…”
— Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Even though the design of this website might not be considered “good”, I am proud of it since I did it – line by line, from the scratch. However, I was not alone at all. I would like to thank Radin Vafaei – who’s a great web developer and also a fantastic friend – for his tips, as well as Fireship YouTube channel (for teaching me how to create a navbar!), Font Awesome (for pretty SVG’s under CC license), W3Schools (which I think my endless search queries appeared as DoS attacks to their servers!), and the helpful community of Stack Overflow indeed.

P.S. Seriously, how did they create Stack Overflow without a Stack Overflow?
P.P.S. Any suggestion (except adding a light theme!) to improve the looks of my website is welcomed. Dafür do contact me, please!

What is the background image of this website?

It is a section of watchdog.c from the actual source code of GNU/Linux operating system, written in C language.

A watchdog timer (WDT) is a mechanism to restart the processing unit of a computer in case of becoming out of control. During a conventional flow, a system is supposed to rhythmically reset the timer. However and in the case of a malfunction, it might fail to do so, resulting in a time-out for the WDT. In such circumstances, the WDT initiates a signal to intentionally crash the ongoing flow and restart the system.

What is with JH dates?

Before anything else, please note that this is a personal website. Additionally, no version of my CV on this website is meant to be used for official purposes (such as job applications). That being said, I like my website to be how I desire to be, rather than how it is typically supposed to be.

Long story short, I trust that the Gregorian calendar is primarily a religious one and inappropriate for modern-day use-cases. In contrast, the Jalali calendar is just about what could be called a perfect solar calendar for the needs of the 21stCE century. Each year of this calendar begins exactly on the spring equinox, followed by subsequent solstices and equinoxes to determine the beginning of other seasons as well. As an acclamation for Persian history, I would like to utilize a particular variant of this calendar, known as the Persian Imperial calendar. The origin of this variant is specified to be the coronation of Cyrus the Great which occurred during 559 BCE.

Another calendar that fascinates me is the Holocene calendar. It is the same as the Gregorian calendar (which is a downside!), except for the year which is added by 10,000 The idea is to place the beginning of the calendar “near” the beginning of the Holocene geological epoch, aiming to cover the entire written history of humankind, as well as a significant series of events that led to the rise of the earliest major human civilizations. I like the idea of adding ten thousand years to the calendar. However, I add them to the Persian Imperial calendar to create my own "Jalali-grade" recorded-history-covering calender, which I call: Jalali Holocene calendar.

While on the subject, I should mention that instead of the UTC standard time, I tend to use the decimal time system, which divides the day into 10 hours, each hour to 100 minutes and each minute to 100 seconds. This system makes temporal calculations and computations less sophisticated, and also allows straightforward interpretation of time as the elapsed fraction/percentage of the day.

Today is a good day!

What is a public key?

It is a technical term, related to asymmetric cryptography. You could encrypt any desired message using my public key and then sent it to me through any platform since no individual could ever decrypt it other than whoever possesses the corresponding private key (supposedly me). Furthermore, it could be used to validate my digital signature.

Would you throw a pseudorandom number for no reason?

Did the Apollo moon landings happen?


Alan Bean inspecting the Surveyor 3 spacecraft
AS12-48-7134 (cropped) | 12528.08.29 JH | Alan L. Bean Inspecting Surveyor 3 | Apollo 12 (EVA-2)